About HJEM

HJEM is an eco-friendly lifestyle brand founded in the alps in 2014, we design & create sustainable, handcrafted homewares, natural luxury home scents and minimal photography prints for the contemporary home.

Our collections are inspired by travels, adventure & the outstanding beauty of the alpine landscapes. created in small series or limited editions, our products are designed from out of our Alpine studio & handcrafted by artisanal makers or small family businesses based in France, Sweden or Great Britain. We take great care to ensure that all our collections are produced from natural materials originating from renewable & ethical sources. Meticulously selecting our partners for their outstanding savoir-faire & craftsmanship as well as their irreproachable environmental standards.

Our promise : providing our clients with well-made, stylish products, that safeguard our planet and our future !


our commitment to quality

Our collections are designed out of our Alpine studio and handcrafted by ourselves or artisanal family businesses based in Sweden, Britain and France to the strictest EU quality standards. Production is kept small and simple to maintain superb levels of quality and all materials are ethical and sustainable sourced.

Trays, trivets, chopping boards & coasters

Handcrafted in Sweden from Scandinavian wood from FSC- or PEFC-certified suppliers. Laminated with a food contact safe coating.


Working with a British-run family business to create our range of hand-printed textiles. We work with organic and ethically sustainably sourced cottons and linens. All inks used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Handcrafted in the style of traditional candlemakers our candles are 100% non-toxic releasing only natural goodness into the air. Made in France from ethically sourced, sustainable origins, only natural ingredients, no petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax and no harsh preservatives.

Why use vegetable wax ?
Many candles are made with paraffin wax or mineral wax blends, that is manufactured by bleaching and converting the sludge from petroleum barrels into wax. The main reason for the wide use of paraffin is that it is cheaper and more efficient at holding and throwing fragrance than a vegetable-based wax. The primary issue with paraffin candles and the reason why we opt to not use it to make our candles, is that whilst burning paraffin releases highly toxic & carcinogenic chemicals. A lit paraffin candle creates petro-soot, which is the same soot as the exhaust of a diesel engine and is considered a cause for respiratory and heart problems and can aggravate asthma.

We use all-natural soy or colza wax because it is non-toxic and has a cleaner burn than paraffin. The soy beans and Colza from which our wax is derived, is a sustainable, renewable resource and grown without deforestation, herbicides, GM or pesticides.

Another benefit to buying a soy candle is that the burntime is about 30% to 50% longer than a paraffin candle.

Our high-grade natural fragrances are made in Grasse France, the home of luxury perfumes & are are certified pthalate-free & CMR free. Phthalates or phthalate esters are esters of phthalic acid used to dissolve raw materials when making fragrance oils. High levels of phthalates can cause reproductive issues and birth defects such as increased risk of developing behavioral problems, premature birth, and metabolic disorders.

We have chosen to only use high-grade fragrances that are certified pthalate-free & «CMR-free» (carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxicants) to avoid posing any health risks to ourselves during the production or our customers.

Organic essential oils
As you inhale the aroma of each essential oil blend with therapeutic properties, the molecule of the essential oil passes through the nasal passage and reaches the limbic system as nerve impulses through the olfactory epithelium. After which the hypothalamus, a gland in your brain responsible for releasing the hormones which control your basic instincts and emotions, and other parts of the limbic system receives the information and transmits the essential oils therapeutic benefits to relieve stress,